New Horizon International School is open 5 days a week, Sunday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Our student body consists of children from all nationalities from Kindergarten Level One through the final Secondary years. Our teacher/student ratio is 1:11.

Our educational programme is tutored in the English language for all students. The Egyptian National Programme is a combination of the programme provided by the Ministry of Education in Egypt, alongside with supplementary course work, which are essential for developing our students intellectual and cultural skills. All students receive lessons in English and Arabic. French is included as a second foreign language beginning with Primary Two. All language sessions are tutored by qualified teachers.

While the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Arabic are central to our curriculum, students experience a broad range of subjects including Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Art and Music. Religion classes begin in Primary One, in addition, Social Studies and Science begin in Primary Four. French is the second foreign language beginning in Primary Two.

Assessments and Examinations

Beginning in Primary One, students take assessments twice each term in addition to their mid-year and end-of year examinations.

A cumulative assessment programme provides an on-going record of student achievement in all subject areas, and is combined with the Ministry of Education in Egypt’s mid-year and end-of-year examinations to assure that the highest academic standards are sought and maintained. All teachers are qualified based on the standards set by the Ministry of Education in Egypt.

The curriculum content in all core subjects at New Horizon, together with the Egyptian Ministry curriculum will provide each student with the necessary skills, knowledge and preparation for any of the Secondary High school programmes on offer at New Horizon. We offer a choice of the Egyptian National curriculum and the IGCSE programme. Full details of the British National curriculum are available on the internet at


Parents wishing to transfer and/or enrol their children to New Horizon may submit an application as follows:

Applicants for enrolment in Kindergarten One must be 3 years and 6 months old before October 1st of the academic year for which they are applying. Parents are welcome to contact the school in January to determine when the admissions process will begin for the coming academic year.

Applicants for transfer into Kindergarten 2 to Secondary 3 may contact the school in March to determine when the admissions process will begin for the coming academic year.

Acceptance is based on availability, review of recent school records and the passing of entrance examinations appropriate for the class the student will be entering. Both parents are kindly requested to accompany their child to visit the school before processing the application.

Academic Year: Begins and Ends

Our academic runs from September to May/June. The exact starting date is available from the school by July 1st of each year. The last day of school is set based on the end-of-year examination dates set by the Ministry of Education in Egypt. The school is closed for all national holidays.

                                                           New Horizon International School